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About Creating Models Out of Ordinary People

A lot of people start doubting or questioning themselves when a scouter approaches them whether modeling might actually work for them. We talk a little bit about the work of scouters and offer some tips on how to get scouted.

Scouting performance equates directly to the industry performance

Modeling is a diverse industry ranging from kid to senior talents. All different types of sizes, heights and looks are sought after. There isn’t a fixed requirement (other than fashion or supermodel ranges) that a potential model needs to fit in most cases. The lack of fixed standard means scouters have to go both by experience and instinct in most cases.

Tyra Banks, for example, was rejected by six agencies before she got her first job, and faced many challenges in her path. Imagine if a very beautiful person lacks the confidence and initial push; they might not even think about being a model. That is why scouters are ever so important! They identify a talent and give them encouragement to pursue a line of work they may not even have considered. How well the modeling industry performs is directly dependent on the way a scouter lures new talent.

Scouting is a tiring job and one that requires good knowledge of the industry

With great power, comes great responsibility appropriately applies to scouters. Clients and the overall industry expect the best candidate and many fresh faces all the time. Scouters need to be strongly knowledgeable in this field and sign the aspirant, who will perform up to expectations. They also have to be good at marketing their own agency well enough to convince models of their potential opportunities and growth. This process can be mean researching on key hot spots such as concerts, events, and central urban areas, fashion shows, where there will be higher chances of spotting good talents. They can literally be on their 2 feet all day in search of a star, with maximum uncertainty. Even thinking about it can make one tired; imagine the scouters who have to be at their best on a daily basis.

How to get scouted?

Thankfully these days we have good social media and online advantages. All you need to do is to apply to the agencies you like with the information on their website. You have the ability to do thorough research and choose the agency which suits you the best. However another thing you can do is to go down to fashion shows and festivals and gain exposure to various different kind of people influential in the fashion industry and you may even catch the eye of a scouter. You can also have an attractive profile on platforms such as Instagram. With the use of appropriate hashtags and getting a good number of followers and keeping loyal fans, you are bound to be noticed by modeling agencies.

Hope you attain a clearer picture on modeling after this, and next time a ‘scouter’ approaches you, you know what their importance is to modeling.

Tips To Be A Model

If you only have a gut feeling about becoming a model and you aren’t very sure, the question becomes, where do I start? Don’t worry; you aren’t alone in thinking as such. Many of the best models in the world, even up to the ranks of popular Victoria’s Secret runway models, started with as much uncertainty as you. We reveal some of the important steps to take on how to start getting model job.

Find out what type of modeling fits you

Everyone has the potential to be a model, but not everyone can be a fashion model. You have to find out what modeling type your body sizes and dimensions will fit in best. If you are tall (above 165cm) you may be suited for fashion runways and editorials, but if you are short (below 160cm) commercial and print modeling will suit you better. There are ambiguous cases, such as model Kate Moss, where shorter models can become a good runway model. However, such cases are rarer and at least for a start, you will have to be realistic and recognize categories that your looks fit in suitably.

Choosing the agency that develops your style

Different agencies have different specializations. Some agencies accept and groom all types of models, some others stick to one. You now have to do your homework and make a list of agencies and the different types of model jobs they offer. Are you willing to try a variety of modeling job types or you want to focus on a specific area of modeling? Choose the agency appropriate to your ability and interests.

While checking your preferred agency, watch out for other important information that assures the agency is genuine and has a good reputation. Narrow down your options to a select the important few agencies that are best for you.

Applying into the agency

Any excellent agency will have frequent casting calls and readily book interview appointments for aspiring models. Search their social media and websites for information on upcoming casting calls and if you fit the female model requirements immediately apply for it. You can also apply through their website or call them directly and book an appointment. Calling is the most recommended way as you can clear your doubts easily and be more aware of what the agency expects from you.

Take a few Snapshots and a Proper resume

Some basic documents an agency expects at the start are your resume and a few basic snapshots of your face and body. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your photos; a few simple smartphone photos will see you through. The agency itself will be taking professional shots for your portfolio, and your photos are just for them to have a rough sense of how you look on camera. Your resume should show that you are more than a pretty face, who is committed and talented. This impresses the agency and improves your chances of getting accepted.

Now all you need is your patience to wait out for the agency to respond. If your looks satisfy the agency they won’t ignore your application and give you a response in a reasonable amount of time. Sometimes if they have too many models they might ask you to apply at a later date. Note down all their responses and keep following up with them.

Even top models like Tyra Banks had to face multiple rejections before their first chance. Be patient and opportunities will come your way. Principally, don’t let fear or being shy prevent you from trying. We wish you all the best in your modeling career.

Important Terms For All Every Model

Any aspiring model has a need or responsibility to know and be familiar with the day-to-day terms and Jargons of the industry.


This refers to the model agency you have signed up for. Modeling agencies are responsible for their model’s safety, overall job experience, payment and every other aspect of their job.


They are also known as model managers and are the main point of contact for models and clients. Bookers have an important responsibility of acquiring clients, selecting the right models and rate of payment for each job. They also have to inform relevant models of job opportunities and every other relevant detail.

Casting Call

Casting calls are different from agency interviews, and specific to clients and the jobs you are applying for as a model. Agency interviews ask general questions and want to find out more about you as person and to see what type of modeling job would suit you best as a model. Casting call met out specific requirements requested by clients, such as specific age, ethnicity, gender that potential clients are expecting.


Client refers to the person or organization that seeks a modeling agency to hire models for their specific project or job need. In general there are 2 categories, commercial and fashion clients. Commercial projects, such as television commercials or print advertisements need people of various types and most models are eligible for these jobs. Another is fashion, whereby clients are usually from editorials, runway modeling etcetera.

Comp card

Short for composite card is a business card for models that is given to clients as well. It contains headshots on the front, and body shots on the back of the card usually. It also contains a model’s vital statistics.

Close-up shot

Another term for headshot or portrait photo where the model’s neck and face are focused upon in the photo (can sometimes include shoulders). Facial features and emotional expressions thus take high importance in these shots.


Contains comp card, test shoots, other project photos and all the important details and information about a model. If a client is interested in a model, a portfolio of that model is presented to the client for their consideration.


Sometimes known as a Scouting agent, is the person who is responsible for finding and attracting new and potential models into the agency. They go to city centers and other high profile events such as beach parties to seek for talent, and offer them opportunities to join the agency. Scouters are trained to be aware of the industry needs and are required to be professional in their engagement with the public.

Vital Statistics

These are important numbers that indicate what category of modeling you will belong to. This helps narrow down and place you in jobs that suit your body type. The 3 numbers that consist of your vital stats are the bust, waist and hip size.

With the above important terms, we hope that you will be able to use this knowledge effectively to communicate better as a model.

This Free Inspiration

Supposing you could make whatever you wanted, what would it be? This is one of the most challenging topics for a starting young sculptor. You’re not quite sure yet of your own abilities, what is important, what gives you energy. What creation will provide enough curiosity to keep you going for years to come? In what way will that contribute to your own improvement in the area of shape and composition?

My predominant subject is Being Human. The way people feel, interact, what they do to each other both in a positive and a negative way intrigues me and I have no doubt it always will. We may try to escape Greek tragedies and fierce emotions or look the other way. But they do exist in the same harsh and unpleasant way as centuries ago. When, in ancient times, Greek mythology was born with all its’ love, revenge, blood, cruelty, conspiracy and mystery. That is after all what mythology consists of.

I may well never stop studying shape and composition. It’s an experience I have with every portrait I make. Each portrait is new, each face is different from the one before. I always start with a shapeless chunk of clay that needs to be modelled into the exact shape and expression that will capture the other person’s soul. And I still find that hard repeatedly. Each time anew I have to seek, fight, swear, make mistakes and amend, let go and hold on.

Observing the patterns of nature is also a great way to acquire more insight into shape and composition. Just look at the world around you and detect an indefinite amount of forms, rhythms, arrangements, constructions and composition. Nature is diversified and abundant whereas people tend to construct nothing but boxes and squares. Look at the stem of a horsetail herb. It is round with ridges and as it goes up you can see sprigs, tiny leaves and small brown rims in a regular pattern. Stems come in all shapes, square, triangular, round, with five sides. It is possible for a tree trunk to grow spiralling upwards. Tree bark comes in a profusion of miscellaneous varieties. Cork-oak is simply amazing but even the more modest species will be able to astonish you. Just use your eyes!

Nature also surprises us with the most unpredictable colour combinations. Behold the beak and head of a pelican. You will detect yellow, red and blue in small blotches and stripes, quite remarkable. Observation of your surroundings simply provides you with a source of beauty at an arm’s reach. Obviously not all things are exquisite and fortunately you’re not required to commemorate it all. But do make a note of the extra special things. In your head, in a notebook or in your phone. You may never use it in your work, not straightaway at least. But it will contribute to the improvement of your own sense of beauty, your own awareness of composition, rhythm and skin. It will dig itself into your being and that is nice. A wonderful, never-ending tutor and all you have to do is open your eyes!

This Why It’s More Fun To See Current Movies In The Theatre Than At Home

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be difficult to slip away for an outing during the evening or afternoon time. Sometimes, you just need an excuse to have a little time to enjoy some mindless entertainment and for today’s current movies, there is no better activity. It can be tempting to rent movies after their release dates and stay home. Sometimes, those are good options. But nine times out of ten, the option of viewing a movie in the actual movie theatre is a far superior choice. Take a look at five compelling reasons why you should venture out for your next foray into the world of cinema:

1. The food.

First, and foremost, movie snacks are the number one reason why you should make the extra effort to see your favorite movies in the theatre. Movie food is so much more than just a good snack: it’s a chance to remember all your favorite childhood movie treats. It can be a trip down memory-lane. Also, with some great novelty theaters popping up, you can find gourmet food and actual meals. Some theaters are even taking it a step further with in-house brewing. It just doesn’t get any better than dinner, craft beer and a movie!

2. The atmosphere.

While it can be convenient to stay in your home, in your pajamas to watch a movie, there is something to be said for getting dressed for an outing. Sitting in a big theater with other people feels special. With the seats, the surround sound, the smell of movie popcorn, it just doesn’t get better than that. Also, you really can’t see current movies when they are released unless you venture out to the cinema.

3. The big screen.

There is no substitute for seeing a cinematic piece unfold on a big screen. Sure, you may have a large screen at home, but it certainly will not compare to the drama that is a movie theater big screen. And almost nearly ever movie lends itself well to larger screens. Action-packed films, of course, play out nicely with the larger view. Period pieces and large love stories showcase breath-taking scenery better. Mystery and horror films will give you a scare larger than you would receive at home. In short, there’s not much that can make up for a big screen.

4. The previews.

In today’s day and age of DVR, Netflix, pre-ordered movies, it is hard to find the ability to truly enjoy previews. A dying art, the previews are almost worth going to the movies for alone.

5. Escapism.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it can be rather nice to get out and leave your house and your job for a short while to enjoy a different scene. Escaping your every day routine has proven to be an effective method to reduce stress. Watching current movies in a public atmosphere, complete with all your childhood favorites of movie snacks and previews is a reliable formula to enjoy life without the every day worries for a few hours.

Tips Makes Action Movies Great

Action movies are sometimes seen as the ultimate escapism for modern-day viewers, as these films allow the audience to vicariously overcome challenges, all while experiencing visual and sensory stimulation. For those who do not enjoy this genre of film, it can be difficult to understand why some keep returning to the theater to see each new action film. The answer is quite simple: excitement. Take a look at what makes these cinematic experiences worth viewing:

There’s always a resourceful hero or heroine.

While there are exceptions to this rule, most action movies include a hero or heroine (or both!) who is thoughtful, athletic and, above all, resourceful. This person is usually caught in an impossible situation with not much in the way of tools or money. Thankfully, the character is quick on his or her feet and is able to adapt to whatever intense situation presents itself. Audiences really love seeing a “good guy” win, especially through that person’s own determination and courage.

Overcoming problems and challenges is the overarching theme.

If audiences love a resourceful character, then they really love a character’s ability to battle through, often literally, some very tough and seemingly impossible situations. In a fast-paced movie setting, it can be exciting and hopeful to see a tense situation play out on the big screen, only to have a character overcome a huge challenge. These challenges generally present as dangerous moments. This can take place in the wilderness, on a fast-paced highway, through a chase scene in crooked and narrow streets, and even out on (or in) the water. People love feeling the adrenaline that accompanies a high-stakes situation. And often, they are rewarded for their participation when the movie concludes and the characters have overcome the problems.

Insane graphics equal a sensory feast.

As technology continues to explode, so do the graphics of films. Each day, computer-generated imagery takes another step into the future. The sound effects and pyrotechnics are generally over the top. Another trademark of most action films include larger-than-life stunts. In short, these movies activate a viewer’s senses by presenting the unbelievable as believable.

The actors are surprisingly part of the appeal of action movies.

Many people go to see a movie based on who is acting in the film. For the action genre, many actors and actresses are repeats. In other words, some actors tend to gravitate toward action films and have made a name for themselves by creating very physical, sometimes violent and demanding roles. These actors are usually athletic and highly energetic. Oftentimes, directors and producers will pull their acting choices from the world of sports. Some good examples of this are Jackie Chan, of course, who stars as a martial arts wizard and recently, Ronda Rousey, who has no background in acting, but certainly as held her own as a professional fighter. Audience members love to see recurring roles in subsequent films, as well. Oftentimes, action movies lend themselves well to sequels and trilogies. And while the storyline may be a little less intellectual and a little more predictable, it is sure to almost always allow the viewer to sit back, relax, and escape reality for just a few hours.

Tips To Figure Out Which New Movie Releases You’re Most Likely To Enjoy

During the Spring and Summer seasons many new summer films begin to hit the big screens all around the country. With such a wide and varying selection of films to see, how can you decide confidently where to spend your time and money? Here is how to figure out which new movie releases you’re most likely to enjoy.

1. Know your own preferences

Many people blindly go to movies simply because it was recommended or a trailer looked appealing. However, taking some time for deeper analysis can reveal much about your own viewing habits and cause you to become a more thoughtful film appreciator. For example, what types of films do your friends enjoy? If they enjoy over the top action scenes and you don’t, then it makes sense to take their opinions with a grain of salt if you don’t particularly care for that genre.

2. Follow film directors and actors you enjoy

One way of making sure you see great movies is to follow film directors for previous flicks you enjoy. The styles, script choices, and directing tricks that cause you to enjoy one movie will usually follow over into other films created and directed by the same people. Stylistic decisions such as the lightness or darkness of the scenes, close ups, panning, and quickness of cut scenes can all contribute greatly to the enjoyment of a cinematic experience. This can occur with actors and actresses as well. Some performances can make or break a film and you are more likely to love and enjoy one film over the other based on careful casting decisions.

3. Check out online review sites

Today we can usually depend on movie reviewing websites to break down the pros and cons of a movie for us. While it is impossible to completely agree with every review due to our own varied preferences, learning to utilize critiques can enhance not only your appreciation for the nuances of movies, but your ability to discern which films you will enjoy over each other. With practice you can eventually understand the likes and dislikes of particular critics as well and based on their thumbs up or thumbs down, decide if a film is perfect for you. You may even come to learn that you love every film that a certain critic hates!

4. See movies with partners of similar taste

If all of the above seems too time consuming, try seeing films with people who have similar tastes as yourself. Not only will you be more likely to enjoy yourself, but you will be kept in the loop regarding films that you may end up falling in love with. Creating a network of friends with similar tastes will help ensure you only see films you enjoy.

Amazing Facts About Popular Cult Films You Might Not Know

Cult films are those movies that you hear people rave about, that you probably have never heard of. They are usually not the academy award winners. They can be horror films, comedies, box-office flops, independent films or odd genres that you would never normally seek out. Regardless of where they fall in the categories of films, they are definitely unique. And they generally fit the following seven bullet point list:

1. Cult films have quotable lines.

Most of these unique films are quotable. This just means that fans can spend hours spitting out different lines from the movies, and other fans will respond with another one-liner. Savvy movie theaters have picked up on this phenomenon and will host cult-film evenings just so that audience members can quote along with their favorite movie.

2. There are entire festivals devoted to some movies.

When a cinematic story develops a large following, there are sure to be some interesting festivals that follow. At such gatherings, you are sure to find those dressed in character, as well as other interesting attractions. Goody bags, multiple showings of the film, book studies and lectures are all elements you might find.

3. There is a hard-core following even though the movie has been rejected in the mainstream.

While not everyone agrees on what constitutes a cult film, a broad definition includes the concept that these films have been rejected by the mainstream at the time of release. They are generally not box office hits, and they do not win awards. Oftentimes, they contain counter-culture elements and in many countries, these films have been banned for one reason or another.

4. Sometimes, it is the director who is the reason for the following.

Cult films do not always gain their status based on their film qualities. Instead, it is the director who has become famous in the circle of the fans, and any movie he or she makes usually ends up in the canon of cult classics. Quentin Tarantino is a great example of this.

5. Intellectuals are always arguing about what makes a cult classic.

Another surprising fact includes the fact that there is no one definition of what allows a movie to gain the status of “cult classic.” Actually, there are great (and sometimes ugly) debates about whether one film qualifies. Many of these debates are taking place on college campuses across the country, with professors joining in the fray.

6. Holidays play a big role in establishing a film’s status.

For just about every holiday, mainstream or obscure, there are films that are shown around that time. Halloween is a large category that has many cult films being shown during this time of the year. Halloween also, for obvious reasons, presents itself as the perfect opportunity to dress as a cult character.

7. The 80s is the biggest decade, so far, for cult films.

About 70% of all cult films come from the decade that encompasses “the eighties.” These films are almost never serious, and almost always contain a futuristic element, like Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. It can be fun for modern audiences to view these oddities and laugh at the ideas the characters had of today’s world.

The Personifying Doors

Hey there! I am using a door closer! That’s what the door nowadays are ATTACHED to. Doors are extensively using door closer, which is making them silent day by day as they are not participating in the noises of every house. Now, they silently watch things happen.

Although door closers have made them externally strong as they are hard to push and pull. They used to get smashed easily, then screaming in pain after it. Now no matter how much force you apply to push them or pull them, they will always have a silent reply to it, as if the door closer was the enlightenment they got which turned them into lord buddha. They even impersonate Mahatma Gandhi, as they only have one answer to the violence, which is non-violence. Peace is their motto now. Silence is their new religion.

But you just can’t leave out the doors who are so beautifully readied during the marriages. They are prepared in such a manner as if they are also going to get married with a bride door. In fact, in marriages, the doors who are noiseless must be called bridegrooms too. The door in the man’s room must be waiting to say, ‘make groom for the bride'(used pun intended). But here’s a catch. Not all doors are treated equally. You still leave the bathroom doors as ugly as possible. In many marriages, only the entrance door’s'(in the case of 2 entrances or maybe 3 or I don’t know, depends on how rich you are) are taken care of. Bathroom doors are still waiting for their decorative days. Racism even prevails between doors. No one realizes this fact that bathroom doors are the most important people in the case of emergency. But as one said, ‘the importance of someone is only realized when it’s gone’. If there were no bathroom doors, you would feel as helpless as an engineering student sitting at the first bench in an exam.

Like, in general, there are more males than females in this country, similarly, there are more doors than windows in the home. But, most doors and windows are very different from each other. Their personalities are poles apart. They can never be compatible with each other. One doesn’t let you involve in his life unless you open up with him, and the other is an outgoing person and everyone knows what’s inside her. There’s a famous phrase, ‘you make a better door than you do a window’, which tells us how this society is judgmental about doors and windows like above. Everyone just immediately jumps on conclusion listening only to one side of the story. But nobody understands this fact that if you try to know more about doors, you can peep through them and see what’s inside them. Although, you won’t be able to know everything about them. But as we say, something is better than nothing.

Also, personally, I hate windows in the way that they let people in too easily. One should be strong like doors, they don’t let everyone be included in their lives just like that. As we know, doors being somehow introvert, the key to their hearts is only provided to few people only. Generally, they lock themselves up, and they only allow the entry to those who know them well. But they should just be aware of the fake people who try to enter into your lives through their fake keys.

“Nothing is permanent in this universe. Even the galaxies rotate around their centers. If some things get stuck in your mind, just rather try to focus on things which make you forget negative thoughts and instill all the positivity in you. When you lose one opportunity, you often find a new one”, one window said to the other depressed one. “So don’t worry, when one door has SHUT down on you, some another will have OPEN arms for you: )” final words by the window, as both, let in air through them.

Humor The Feast

Imagine that you grew up in that sort of trusting farm village where you could just leave anything around without anyone nicking them and in return you were feasted with an old Friesian cow come every festive season.
That’s how Jacaranda farm’s Fasto rewarded his employees and their spouses and who,in their naivety, vehemently looked forward to this time,the only time of the year that feasting had been about as merry as it ever managed to be.
It was Isidoro,the farm manager’s duty to kill the cow with an air gun while Kimuri,who inseminated and attended to every sick cow as the farm’s “veterinarian”,was charged with the duty of overseeing the skinning and chopping up the meat so that every family got a chunk each the size of roughly two kilogrammes of meat.
The choicest cuts like the liver,the heart,tongue and kidneys were his besides his other share which was way twice bigger than what other people carried home.
As usual all the children would turn up to celebrate this rare happening,each with an aluminium bowl.Meanwhile,Kimuri would have a colleague fry for them blood,tripe and lungs in a half drum while ugali was prepared in yet another.
Still on another fire some meat for Kimuri and another two who helped him skin the cow sizzled on green wattle twigs.After about two hours of cooking the children would be asked to queue and after being served they would sit on the grass.
The very fast eaters would devour the cooked blood greedily,sop up the left over soup from their bowls with hunks of ugali and then lick their fingers.
Others would chew on the tripe and lungs balefully and gulp the pieces down,some with their eyes bulging out as they did so.The slowest,though,demolished their food with grim determination, crumbs of ugali clinging to their lips.
Almost at the same time Kimuri would make a prolonged deep belch,mop ineptly at his greasy mouth and by using a thin twig he would leisurely pick his teeth.
Meat was that rare at Jacaranda. Fatso’s instructions were that any cow that died of sickness had to be buried or burned. But Kimuri knew better and such carcasses would end up in the villagers’ stomachs. If his cat which he so named “doctor” tested the meat by eating a small piece the meat was deemed fit for human consumption.
I recall two incidences vividly. In one a naughty boy had bashed the cat with a big stone on its head moments after it had “tested” the meat and which had by then been shared amongst the villagers.The cat retched up the meat, convulsed and foamed at the mouth. After jerking and kicking its legs in the air it died,its poor legs stretched out stiff in the attitude of running from death.
The news of its death sent panic and anxiety through the village,the villagers themselves waiting for the worst just before someone explained the cause of the cat’s death.
In the second incident, there was something horribly wrong with the meat.Everyone was sick.Their stomachs were woozy and felt like they were fermenting. They lurched and churned, making weird noises.
People’s backsides cloaked like frogs and in the evening everybody started flouncing off to the only toilet in the village,lining up behind one another and scratching their stomachs with languorous, long fingered movements.
Some doubled over to vomit until there was nothing left to bring up the yellow bile-like stuff.Those that were lucky enough to reach the toilet and who swaddled themselves around their waists with old bath towels didn’t poo straight in the hole.Rather, they kind of sprayed.